Storage and Food Processing Facility Audit & HACCP survey

Our technical skills and experience enable us to provide an in depth audit of your facility enabling us to gain a better understanding and treatment requirements for your storage and production facility. Scheduled prophylactic treatments, crawler pest management, flying insect control, rodent and termite management are offered by us for your facility. After your facility is surveyed and audited by our technical expertise we shall provide a schedule for optimal pest management. Fumigation services provide pest management audits for food processing units and will be able to suggest and implement treatments for a successful holistic pest management program. Audits will be undertaken by our qualified technical officers and also a monitoring system including pheromone and visual monitoring will be put into practice for maintaining facility. Treatments will be scheduled depending on the degree of infestation, type of pest. We have a panel of eminent scientists who will be available for consultation and expert advice. Pest management records will be maintained and submitted for ISO audits and suitable pest management advice will be provided from time to time.

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