Food Processing

Fumigation of food processing machinery

Fumigation Services technicians are well trained and experienced in carrying out fumigation of flour mill machinery, spices processing machinery and other food processing machineries. Carrying out fumigation of food processing machineries on a regular and periodic basis would reduce the infestation level inside the machinery ducts and chambers.

If regular and periodic fumigation is not carried out, foods that are processed through these machineries and pipe lines will be contaminated by various types of microorganisms. Most of our customers undertake regular fumigation of food processing machineries for maintaining quality of food and avoid further infestation.

Pest Management for food processing units

We undertake efficient pest controlling measures to maintain pest free environment in food processing industry. We regularly undertake insect monitoring programme, Fogging & spraying operations and are well versed in maintaining the records regarding pest control program conducted, meeting compliance standards of the respective regulatory bodies and meeting the requirements of customers in records management. We can schedule prophylactic treatments as per requirements depending on infestation level, type of insect and commodity characteristics.

Rodent Control

Rodent control is an important part of pest management Care should be taken so that the entry / exit points of the warehouse premises do not provide access to pests like rodents. Our technicians are well trained and experienced in conducting rodent control operations.

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