Phytosanitary assitance

We provide phytosanitary assistance and arrangements for Exporters Importers and CHAs. If you have any queries or clarifications on your export cargo and its phytosanitary requirements, please contact our Head office for a consultation and phyto arrangements for your cargo.

Export Cargo Phytosanitary Assistance:

Fumigation Services will be able to assist In obtaining phytosanitary certificate for export consignments. Like rice, wheat, chillies, cotton, groundnuts, coco, peat, coir, fibre and for export of seeds saplings coconuts.

Documents required to apply for Phytosanitary Certificate:

  • Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Import permit from importing country
  • Shipping bill
  • Contract copy and purchase order

Import Cargo Clearance Consultancy:

We also offer consultancy for Import Clearance for timber logs sawn wood, wheats, oats, pulses, plants and apples oranges and pears. It is advisable to refer to the plant quarantine import order 2003 before any product is imported into india.Imports to india has to be complied as per the Plant Quarantine Order 2003.If any import is not found in-order, the cargo imported may be destroyed or it may be sent back to the port of origin.

For the process of import clearance from the plant quarantine the following documents has to be submitted:

  • Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Phytosanitary certificate issued at port of origin
  • Bill of entry copy
  • Fumigation certificate from the port of loading

Customs house agents should obtain open inspection order before taking the plant quarantine officials for the inspection of the imported cargo Import clearance is required for all cargoes of plant origin including grains seeds

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