Cargo Fumigation

Container Fumigation

The most popular cargo transport choice in the world is ocean going containers. Containers are usually gas tight and forms an excellent enclosure for the fumigation operations. The volume of the containers are definite and as such it becomes easier for administering the correct dosages while carrying out fumigations. Fumigation Services over 40 years has now fumigated over 6 million containers to various destinations all over the world. Over the years of experience we have designed and developed fumigation methods with state of the art fumigation systems to ensure better quality results.

Vessel Fumigation

Fumigation Services are experts in carrying out vessel fumigation using Methyl bromide or Aluminium phosphide. Our technical team are experts in carrying out vessel fumigations and have fumigated many vessels carrying rice, wheat, maize, wooden logs and other bulk agro commodities. We are equipped with state of art fumigation equipments that are specially designed for carrying out vessel fumigations and we are suitably equipped to carry out hot gas fumigation for the entire bulk vessel with suitable gas circulating equipments. Our team will be able to carry out fumigation of vessels in outer anchorage operations and also in the Wharf.

Air Cargo Fumigation

In today's fast moving world air cargo has to be rushed to various destinations across the globe. While dispatching air cargo there is a need to take special attention to comply with the Quarantine requirements with regard to wooden packing material and agro products. Treatments for air cargo has to be carried out quickly in the most efficient manner and after aeration it has to be moved for dispatch immediately. Special attention and monitoring of gas becomes very critical as these need to be planned well in advance as per the flight schedules.

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