Pest Management & Organic Fumigation

Pest Management

Scheduled treatments and pest preventive measures are essential part of managing infrastructure. Every year there is more than 2 billion dollars lost in just rodent based damage alone. To maintain hygienic production process and manage critical control points, a scheduled pest management system should be implemented. Fumigation services provides pest management services to Mills, Food processing units, Food packing units, Wood packing units, leisure and entertainment venues and office buildings. Fumigation services provides treatments for Vectors, Insects, Crawler pest, Quarantine pest, Beetle, Rodent Wood borers and Termites through various treatments such as fogging, surface spraying.

Organic Fumigation

As current generations gain a spectrum of choices for food quality, organic food is held to be the most popular amongst non-GMO with no artificial processing or additives. Every year more studies are published that links pesticides to digestive and immune system diseases in human body. The demand for organic food has seen a rise of pesticide-free food production practices. The farmers are now cultivating crops using integrated pest management practices in the farms to safeguard their crops against pests.

Through constant research we have developed methods to keep the fumigation process pesticides free. The treatment are carried out using state of art technology and precise technical practices integrated in both the production process and storage processes that enables us to achieve an effective treatment without using pesticides. This helps in obtaining organic certification

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